Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flying in a Presenter.

I have been chatting with Roughinamorato for a few months about coming out to Seattle and giving us the Rough Crowd treatment. So he is coming all the way out from Chicago and I am hoping that the community will rise up and give him an incredible welcome to the PNW. (I have been talking us up, after all.)

We're finally making it happen March 7th through 9th. Over those 3 days, we'll get 4 classes including the Explore party where you will have plenty of time after the formal workshop on Rough Body Play to ask more questions, try out your new skills and pick Rough's brain for ideas.

Since Rough can't exactly pack his usual demo bottoms in his suitcase, I have been working with him to get some demo bottoms lined up. That is very strange. It's a little like procuring and being a matchmaker mixed together. Without the money aspect, of course.

If you are on FetLife, you can click on the links below for each class. Or you can go to the FSPC calendar page and check out each class description.

Thursday, March 7 from 7 to 9pm before Grind/Chill - Spanking 201- Full Body Spanking

Friday, March 8 from 6 to 7:30pm before Tie Me Up, Take Me Down - Predicament Bondage
(I am very excited about this one.)

Saturday, March 9 from noon to 2pm in Pioneer Square where YAREG happens - Introduction to Breath Play
(Breath Play workshop will NOT be held at the CSPC due to the rule of the facility.)

Saturday, March 9 from 8pm until midnight- Explore! Rough Body Play

If you are interested in checking out these fantastic classes, you can buy advance tickets via Stranger Tickets. Purchase a package ticket for all 4 classes and save!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Festival is now accepting art submissions for the 11th anniversary event, June 20-24. The Festival anticipates over 10,000 attendees -- don’t miss your chance to be part of another amazing year!

The Festival is seeking:

Visual art of all kinds 
Short film/video 
Literary Art 
Installation Art 
Performance Art 
DJ proposals
Pieces for the popular Festival Store 

All artists 18 years old or older are encouraged to submit art for consideration. We accept submissions and feature art from artists across the nation and world, and there are no submission fees to apply if you live outside of North America.

Click here to apply now!

New for 2013

Due to your feedback, you can submit even more art! Visual and Literary Artists now have the option pay a second $30 fee to upload an additional 5 entries for consideration by the jury.
This fee may be paid at the time of your original submission fee or at any other time during the call for art. The early bird discount does not apply to the additional submission fee.
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Deadlines (and Discounts!)

Take advantage of early-bird (discounted) submission fees up until 11pm PST on Sunday, February 24. (Note that all artists outside of North America apply for free.)

  • Call for Art closes at 11pm PST on Saturday, March 10 for Visual, Performance, DJ, and Installation.
  • The deadline for Short Film/Video, Literary and Festival Store art is Sunday, March 31 at 11pm PST.
  • Submissions may be edited up until the deadline.

More Information

Learn more about the Call for Art.
Sign up for our free newsletter.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

SEAF Art Submission Update

Thanks for your patience with us. We are working hard on the artist portal so all you amazing artists can send in your submissions. The goal is by dinner time tomorrow (6pm Sunday 2/10) you will all be able to start uploading your art.

The only real change to the website is a fairly big one, our credit card processor. If you will all remember, PayPal froze our account because of our "adult" nature. Turns out being an art organization did not protect us from their policies. We got all our money back and ended out relationship with them. Now, we have a new system that is working out nicely in the testing process and by tomorrow night, we should be ready to go.

There will still be the early bird special going until Feb. 24th that we did last year. That will save you $10 off the $30 submission fee.

Another change we are working on is allowing artists to pay for additional submissions. That means you could pay a second $30 fee to upload another 5 entries for consideration. Now, don't get too excited. This is a much bigger project than switching out the payment system and that one is pretty big! This may not be ready by the end of the 10th. I will keep you updated.

Thanks for your patience and I am excited to see everyone's art this year!

Exhibition Director
Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Monday, December 3, 2012

More education coolness!

Hey! If you are teaching a workshop or holding any kind of education event in the greater Seattle area, please do join [Seattle Workshops][] on Fetlife.

This discussion group is specifically for instructors or producers to post a thread to promote each workshop. Then, people interested and involved can engage in discussion, give testimonies or feedback, and continue the conversation after the event.

I am personally excited by this group because there have been so many times that I have gone researching a question that came up in the class and don't always have a direct line of communication with the class attendees to share the information.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

I didn't mean to get political...

Once upon a time I bought an old American flag at a thrift store. It had 48 stars on it an it was in good condition, only a little yellowed with age. I took it to Jim Duvall and said I wanted to do something with it, as in make art. I feel really strongly that I am fortunate to be a woman in America, at this time and place. For the most part, I have a lot of freedom to pursue my sexuality and I wanted to say something artistically to reflect that.

That was 4 years ago. Since there have been numerous conversations and nothing seemed "right" and everything seemed to cliche. A few months ago, Jim suggested that I be the flag pole. I had only recently relaxed my stance on temporary piercings and any type of BDSM play that resulted in blood.  While I was still leery of the prospect, he convinced me that it would make a great photo to have the flag streaming in the wind from my body.

"But how does the reflect on my sexuality?"

"Oh! We could put you in the burqa head piece..."

"Wait! What about putting the flag upside down? That's a distress signal."

And so we went form there. Finding someone to pierce me with the hooks was easy, (far easier than it should have been, in my opinion) scheduling was a bit trickier. After a few weeks of negotiating, we had a date. As with most photoshoots with a narrow goal, the prep took a while and the actual shoot was about 15 minutes before Jim was convinced we had the shot.

For the record, yes, getting pierced hurt. The flapping flag in the wind machine only hurt a tiny bit,it mostly just felt odd.

Though is is different that I originally planned, I am pleased with the final product. I have been enjoying the conversations it have evoked. What do you see?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Next class: Beyond Verbal Communication

Photo By Jim Duvall
I was thinking of making some silly "back to school" reference, but let's face it, most of us never stop learning when it comes to our sexuality and personal evolution.

As the new Director of Education for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, I have been talking to everyone I come in contact with about what workshops they are interested in attending. I have gotten some really good feedback and am working on getting more classes on relationship skills and sex focused skills.

One person answered "I want to take a class that's all about how to read my bottom." Followed by a chorus of affirmative agreement. Well that's easy! I have one of those classes up my sleeve!

So, on September 15th, a Saturday, Jim Duvall and I will be at the CSPC from 5pm - 7pm to present "Going Beyond Verbal Communication." This class is a great primer on body language and how to use it to enhance your communication. Whether you are in a long term relationship or interested in doing some pick up play, this class will give you valuable tools when relating with others. You will be amazed at how much more informed you will be about the people you interact with based purely on your observations. It's also fascinating how much more informed you will be able yourself and  how you unconsciously send out signals.

Come out the the class, learn some cool stuff. Go out to dinner to fuel up and digest the new information. Then come back to the CSPC at 8pm to Fettered or Power Play Mixed Tape, and use your new skills!

Here's the nuts and bolts:

Where: Annex
When: 5pm -7pm
Cost: $20

Body language, tone of voice, rate of speech and posture are powerful ways we send cues to our partner, often louder than words. Non-verbal communication can be a rich source of information, especially when gags are used, or you have a partner that slips into a deep headspace where words don’t seem to exist. With careful attention, you can use these subtle forms of communication to enhance your play, whether you are a top or a bottom. We will show you techniques for gathering visual, tactile and auditory information before and during a scene to create more fluid and intuitive play. Imagine not needing to ask your bottom “Are you ok?”
Come prepared to participate in group and paired exercises. If you come without a partner, we will find you a partner for the exercises.